Cabinet Office Releases Social Action Research and CAF is working with UCAS on Social Action


A few weeks ago we saw the publication of some exciting research about the value of social action in the form of ‘The Evaluating Youth Social Action, An Interim Report’. The research was conducted by the Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights team and found that Young people’s involvement in social action leads to people being more likely to volunteer in later life.


The research demonstrates that young people who take part in social action initiatives develop some of the most critical skills for employment and adulthood in the process. It also shows that investment in social action leads to benefits for young people taking part as well as for the intended beneficiaries, this is known as the “double benefit”.


It was found that those who participated in social action programmes display significant improvement to their skills for work and life compared to their counterparts who did not. This research comes at an exciting time for us here at CAF as we are doing work with UCAS at the moment to make it easier for young people to get involved with volunteering and social action and to articulate the skills and character traits they develop through those activities in the personal statement section of their UCAS application.


We will be launching a webpage in April linked from the guidance on the UCAS website which aims to help more young people get involved in social action and to be able to articulate the benefits in the personal statement which can help applicants stand out. Watch this space!

Posted 31 March 2015