Putting charity in the classroom

On Monday, CAF met with Young Enterprise, the organisation behind the Parliamentary group on Financial Education for Young People. Young Enterprise helped put the need for better financial education for young people on the political agenda, leading to access to financial education being rolled out across the country.

 Interesting, but what does this have to do with Growing Giving and CAF?
Well, the Growing Giving Inquiry recommended that young people should be given the opportunity to learn more about charity in schools, and there are opportunities to intertwine this with the financial education that’s already being given out. In fact, many of the more ‘hands-on’ programmes that give young people the chance to develop their skills also include information about charitable giving.
As we know from our research, young people are very supportive of charities, and want to learn more about their role, and how to support them. Their teachers agree too, but find the pressures of league tables and the curriculum can restrict their ability to help pupils learn about the wider world.
The Parliamentary group are currently in the midst of a consultation investigating the future of financial education. At our meeting on Monday they asked if CAF would send a response from the point of view of charity and we’ll be doing so, making the case for the integration of financial education with information about charitable giving.
As we’ve seen throughout the Growing Giving Inquiry and subsequent work, it’s vitally important to get young people engaged with giving at an early age. Broadening financial education to include greater access to information about giving can help to inspire a new generation of donors, and we look forward to seeing the conclusions that the Parliamentary group reaches.
Steve Clapperton

Posted 15 February 2016