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Giving in Schools - what plans do politicians have to get future generations engaged with charity?
This week has seen a couple of interesting announcements in the world of politics which show that there is a growing consensus that young people need to learn more about the role that charities play in society. This follows recommendations from the final report produced by the Growing Giving Parliamentary Inquiry, which called for greater use of the education system to give young people opportunities to participate in giving, volunteering and social action.
#iwill - Will You? Boosting social action participation amongst young people
A couple of weeks ago, we attended the event celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of the #iwill campaign by Step Up To Serve. The campaign seeks to increase the amount of young people participation in social action by the end of the decade, and has the support of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband amongst others.
Global Giving - how are young people supporting good causes across the world?
The past decade has been extremely challenging for people across the world, with the global recession fully illustrating the repercussions that an intertwined economic system can have when things don’t work as intended. As a result, many people have seen a drop in their disposable income and others have become wary of the possibility of a future crash, meaning that they have been using their money to pay off debt and save where they can.
Growing Giving - how can we secure the support of older donors?
In 2012, CAF produced research in partnership with the University of Bristol showing that charities are becoming increasingly dependent on donations from older people. Younger people, it was found at the time, are struggling to match the generosity of previous generations and the ‘Mind the Gap’ report warned off the potential impact that a drop-off in donations would have for charities.
Growing Giving Parliamentary Inquiry - Final Report and Recommendations Published
Over the past year the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has provided the Secretariat to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving, and we’re delighted that today sees the launch of the final report – ‘Creating an Age of Giving.’
Employee Volunteering Creates a 'Triple Win,' claims report
Last week saw the launch of an interesting report by Demos, supported by the Scout Association, which called for employers to make a greater effort to recognise the benefit of employee volunteering. The report emphasises the advantages that employee volunteering can have for businesses, stressing the benefits that it leads to for both employee and employer. These include the ‘triple win’ of boosting employees’ skills and job satisfaction, reducing expenditure on training costs and a benefit to the local community.
Making Giving Part of Daily Life - how can we make it easier to donate?
Regular readers might recall that the second stage of the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving looked at the opportunities that exist for people to engage with giving in the workplace. People lead busy lives, and out-of-work commitments such as looking after families can make it difficult for them to engage with charities or give their time as effectively as they may wish.
Student Volunteering Week Gets Young People Growing Up Giving
Over the past year the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving has been looking at ways of getting more people involved with giving, and has investigated the opportunities that exist for people of all ages to support charities, including how they are adapted in order to appeal to different age groups.
'Young People Held Back By Negative Stereotypes' - Report
An interesting report published today by Demos has found that more than two thirds of 14-17 year-olds believe that their job prospects are being hampered by negative portrayals of teenagers in the media.
UpRising Creates Route Into Social Action For Young People
On January 27 2014 the newly independent charity UpRising launched at the House of Commons. Formerly a project of the Young Foundation founded by Rushanara Ali MP five years ago, the charity works with young people from under represented backgrounds. They provide them with leadership development training, public speaking, media training and developing social action campaigning skills and then connect them with current leaders in politics, business and civic society to act as mentors.
'Why Don't UK Students Want to Donate?' asks Megan Hughes
The Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving has been investigating the reasons why charities are becoming increasingly reliant on donations from older people. Here, Megan Hughes examines the attitudes that UK students hold towards charity....
Young People Drive Global Rise in Volunteering - Report
The Charities Aid Foundation has today launched the World Giving Index 2013, which ranks countries based on their generosity towards charities, and has found that younger people are driving a global rise in volunteering.
Businesses Benefit From Volunteering Partnerships With Young People - Report
Whilst the ‘Going on Giving’ strand of the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving continues – and we are still receiving written evidence until Wednesday 27th November - an interesting piece of research has demonstrated the benefits that businesses gain from their support for youth volunteering, helping to illustrate the importance of the business case for giving.
Why do Some Young People Struggle to Give?
The Intergenerational Foundation (IF), a think tank which focuses on protecting the interests of younger generations, is the latest high profile organisation to contribute to CAF’s Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving. IF are concerned that policy-makers do not always adequately consider the needs of young people and future generations, and aim to promote increased fairness between the generations.
What is the Relationship Between Charities and SMEs?
Earlier in the year the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving focused on the ways that businesses are able to support charities, both by giving their employees the ability to volunteer and give to good causes whilst at work, and also by providing support themselves.

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