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Giving at Work in Action: How STEMNET is Helping to Grow Giving
Earlier this year we looked at the ways that businesses can encourage their employees to volunteer, and how that can be of benefit to both employee and employer. Here BT Technician Laura Harvey explains what volunteering means to her, and how she is inspiring young people to look at careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)...
Going on Giving Session Takes Place in Parliament - Report
The Growing Giving Inquiry returned to Parliament yesterday, with a number of experts from charities appearing before David Blunkett MP, Baroness Tyler and Andrew Percy MP to discuss the ways that older people support charities, and how they can inspire the next generation of givers.
How can Businesses and Charities Work Better Together? Part II
After last week’s article focusing on the ways that employees can be encouraged to give effectively in the workplace, as well as the way that workplace giving mechanisms could be reformed to increase their effectiveness, this week CAF Campaigns Manager Steve Clapperton focuses on the benefits to businesses that help their employees to give…
How can Businesses and Charities Work Better Together? Part I
Earlier this week Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) published the latest report from the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving. In the first of two posts, CAF’s Campaigns Manager Steve Clapperton looks in more detail at the evidence submitted to the inquiry, and what it means for the relationship between businesses and charities…
Business leaders should lead the way on payroll giving - report
Top business executives and corporations should set an example and encourage giving to charity at work, according to evidence presented to a major inquiry into stimulating support for charities.
What does the next generation of giving look like?
A new report sheds some light on generational differences in giving...
Charitable Retirees Following in Their Family's Footsteps, Finds Report
An interesting piece of research carried out on behalf of the Royal Voluntary Service has unveiled just how much some retirees do to support charities, and comes in the midst of the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving, which is investigating the reasons why many charities are forced to rely on older people for support.
What Are Companies Doing to Support Charities?
An interesting report by the Directory of Social Change has highlighted worrying trends about company giving in the UK, and argues that the UK’s businesses need to do more to support charities.
Seven Steps to Becoming a Charity Trustee
Earlier this year, Leon Ward took part in the first session of the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving. Leon is a young charity trustee who blogs regularly for Third Sector. Here's his latest blog explaining how you too can become a charity trustee...
How is Australia Growing Giving?
In the aftermath of the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving meeting in Parliament last week to discuss the importance of workplace giving in the UK, we’ve received an interesting submission of evidence from our partner office CAF Australia, which outlines the way that people are able to give at work in down under.
Giving at Work: How are the experts making it happen?
Earlier in the week a number of high-profile figures from the world of business gathered in the Jubilee Room to give evidence to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving. In an inquiry with a twist, instead of being interrogated by our panel of Parliamentarians, the attendees came to share their experiences of workplace giving and offer their views on how relationships between charities and business can be strengthened so that more people are able to give at work.
'Young Adults Leading Community Work,' says new report
Whilst the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving is now focusing on workplace giving, we’re still keeping an eye on new reports and research which links to the first stage of the inquiry. As you may recall, we were focusing on the relationship between young people and charity, and we received evidence from a number of organisations demonstrating that the overwhelming majority of young people have a strong charitable core. Many are keen to get more support from schools, government and charities themselves to help them develop their charitable activity, and the inquiry will be producing recommendations aimed at helping meet that demand.
Inquiry to Shine Spotlight on Giving at Work
This week sees the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving return to the spotlight, with the second oral evidence session taking place in the Jubilee Room in the Palace of Westminster.
Giving at Work
How can we promote charity and philanthropy more effectively in the workplace?
Reflections on Growing up Giving, Part III
As well as encouraging people to give more of their time and money, the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving is also looking at the ways that giving can be made easier, and today CAF’s Campaigns Manager Steve Clapperton delves into the world of digital giving…

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